MI5 in the Frame for McGurk’s Disinformation

This latest archive find by the families, detailed below, is a HQNI INTSUM (Intelligence Summary) that records a second piece of British black propaganda and its attempts to brand the innocent victims terrorists. Spectacularly, in what must be a massive goof by the British Ministry of Defence, the families have been able to trace the lies back to MI5.

We should never have been able to retrieve this decisive and historic piece of evidence.

HQNI INTSUMs were prepared in Lisburn Headquarters by a team under the Director of Intelligence. Other archive evidence in our possession relates that this man was a Security Service officer, an MI5 operative. For his role in the north of Ireland in 1971 he assumed the equivalent military rank of Major General. Furthermore, we learn he ran a department made up of other MI5 operatives and military officers. He liaised daily with the RUC, especially its Special Branch, “to co-ordinate the intelligence gathering efforts of the various elements of the security forces operating… at the time”. Black propaganda was drip-fed through intelligence information streams such as these HQNI INTSUMs, disseminated not only throughout the intelligence community but also lofty Whitehall. MI5 were seeking to dupe their own paymasters in 10 Downing Street so they could wage their war in Ireland as they saw fit and without political interference.

This was how easy it was to synchronize the psychological operation of the McGurk’s Bar Massacre. Our families’ basic human rights meant as little as perverting the course of justice.

Then again, we were of a particular faith.

Read Allison Morris’ ground-breaking article in the Irish News: here

“McGurk’s cover-up justified nationalist-only Internment: MI5 involved in pretext of IRA own-goal claim”

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