McGurk’s Bar: Campaign For Truth

A great grand-daughter of one of the McGurk's Bar victimsThis is a family website dedicated to the memory of the innocent victims of the McGurk’s Bar Massacre on 4th December 1971.

For two generations our families have fought for nothing but the truth.

Ours is a peaceful struggle of Sisyphean proportions against British government collusion with loyalist terrorists, media disinformation and cover-up by the police.

This site will expose the facts and circumstances surrounding the massacre of innocent Irish men, women and children in McGurk’s Bar.

We will follow and publicize the ongoing campaign of the victims’ families as we fight for the truth.

And we will stand as testament to the present British government that another generation of Irish men and women have sprung up to continue our families’ campaign for truth.

Our sons and daughters will follow us.

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The McGurk’s Bar Bombing

Collusion, Cover-Up and a Campaign for Truth

By Ciarán MacAirt

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