The McGurk's Bar Massacre Campaign

Campaign for Truth

The moment the bomb exploded, our Campaign for Truth began.

Within hours of the explosion, the British armed forces briefed journalists that the massacre was the result of a Republican "own-goal"

Nevertheless, we discovered secret British archives which proved that the British Army and Royal Ulster Constabulary colluded to blame the innocent victims for the mass murder. The files also proved that the British authorities knew within hours that the bar was attacked by pro-state Loyalist extremists.

Legacy archive research, information retrieval, and truth recovery are core components of the forensic skills we had to develop over the last generation. We have even developed an innovative charity to support other victims and survivors in their pursuit of truth and justice.

Our families also believed that commemoration has not only helped us but also helped us to tell our story to future generations.

You too can read our books, watch our films, visit our mural at the site and listen to our innovative sound installation.

Unfortunately too, we have had to mobilize our families in peaceful protest at the continued lies and intransigence of the British state which has forced us to then take it to court in long-running legal battles over the last two decades.

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Has taken every form from peaceful mass protest and direct action; to lobbying and letter-writing.


Books and expert reports by award-winning author and family activist, Ciarán MacAirt.


Visit the McGurk's Bar memorial at the site of the bomb as seen in Mark Cousins' film, I Am Belfast.


Includes personal interviews, presentations, and the acclaimed film, Loss of Innocence.

Oral History 

Listen to the lived experiences of the families recorded by local artist, Sinéad O'Neill-Nicholl.

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We now also support other families searching for truth. Make history. Follow the Paper Trail.