Research and Legacy Archives

Below are just some of the critical archives discovered and released, not by the British authorities, but by our families and human rights organisations working with us on our research. Without our extensive research, these documents would never have been accessed or published. The so-called historic investigations failed as miserably as the original, botched investigation.

The McGurk's Bar Bombing: Collusion, Cover-Up and a Campaign for Truth

The McGurk's Bar Bombing

The critically acclaimed book by Ciarán MacAirt, grandson of John and Kathleen Irvine.

The McGurk's Bar Bombing Plot to Deceive Two Parliaments

Plot to Deceive Two Parliaments

The high-level, coordinated and sustained plot to deceive Stormont and Westminster.

McGurk's Bar Bombing - Post-Script Cover

McGurk's Bar: Post-Script

New evidence discovered since the publication of the book, The McGurk's Bar Bombing.

Latest Research Articles

Archive: The Kitson Experiment

General Sir Frank Kitson and the police colluded to blame the victims for the atrocity. Read more...

Covert British Military Operation Discovered

Archives prove that there was a covert British military operation in the vicinity of McGurk's Bar. Read more...

'Missing' British Army File and its Dirty Secret

A 'missing' British Army log has surrendered its dirty secret. Read more...

British Army and RUC Lies to Government

Proof that the RUC and Ministry of Defence lied to British Government about the atrocity. Read more...

Bomb Expert Told HQNI Bar Was Attacked

A British Army bomb expert informed his Headquarters that the bomb was placed outside the bar. Read more...

RUC Created and Spread McGurk's Lies

The RUC police created and spread the lie about the McGurk's Bar Bombing. Read more...

MRF: Where Was Britain's Death Squad?

News evidence: Britain's Military Reaction Force was operating in the area. Read more...

Gem Bar: British Army and Loyalist Target

The original target of the bombers was targeted by the British Army 48 hours before. Read more...

British Army Buried Witness Testimony

The British Army buried a witness statement that corroborated a young witness. Read more...

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