Research and Legacy Archives

Below are just some of the critical archives discovered and released, not by the British authorities, but by our families and human rights organisations working with us on our research. Without our extensive research, these documents would never have been accessed or published. The so-called historic investigations failed as miserably as the original, botched investigation.

Our story – the truth – would never have been told.

The McGurk's Bar Bombing Plot to Deceive Two ParliamentsNEW REPORT: The McGurk’s Bar Bombing and the Plot To Deceive Two Parliaments [free PDF download]

You can download the latest research by Ciarán MacAirt, The McGurk’s Bar Bombing and the Plot To Deceive Two Parliaments, for free.

This booklet follows years of research and information battles against the state. It features proof from secret British archives of a high-level, coordinated and sustained plot to deceive the two Parliaments of Westminster and Stormont about the true circumstances of the massacre in McGurk’s Bar.

McGurk's Bar Bombing - Post-Script CoverThe McGurk’s Bar Bombing: Post-Script [free PDF download]

You can download research by Ciarán MacAirt FREE: The McGurk’s Bar Bombing: Post-Script features critical evidence missed by historical investigations of the Office of the Police Ombudsman and Police Service Northern Ireland… or buried by them.

The McGurk’s Bar Bombing: Post-Script, includes proof that there was a covert British military operation in place on the night of the McGurk’s Bar Massacre and the British Army recorded the escape of the suspect car minutes later.

There is also final proof of collusion between the police and the infamous British Army Commander in charge of 39 Brigade. Read more…

The McGurk’s Bar Bombing; Post-Script

Watch a short webinar launched by Virtual Féile an Phobail 2020 which included an update on our campaign and the release of critical new evidence. With author, Ciarán MacAirt.

Latest Research Articles


McGurk's Bar Bombing: Loss of Innocence and other films.

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Books and research by award-winning author, Ciarán MacAirt.

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Archive: The Kitson Experiment

General Sir Frank Kitson and the police colluded to blame the victims for the atrocity.

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Covert British Military Operation Discovered

Archives prove that there was a covert British military operation in the vicinity of McGurk's Bar.

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'Missing' British Army File and its Dirty Secret

A 'missing' British Army log has surrendered its dirty secret.

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British Army and RUC Lies to Government

Archives prove that the British Ministry of Defence and police lied to British Government about the atrocity.

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Bomb Expert Told HQNI Bar Was Attacked

Archives prove a British Army bomb expert informed his Headquarters that the bomb was placed outside the bar.

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RUC Created and Spread McGurk's Bar Lies

Secret files prove that the RUC police created and spread the lie that the victims of the McGurk's Bar bombing were to blame.

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MRF: Where Was Britain's Death Squad?

Ciarán MacAirt has proved that Britain's Military Reaction Force was operating in the area.

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Gem Bar: Targeted by British Army and Loyalists

The original target of the bombers was targeted by the British Army 48 hours before.

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British Army Buried Witness Testimony

New evidence that the British Army buried a witness statement that corroborated a young witness.

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British Ministry of Defence is Withholding Evidence

Nearly half a century later, the British Ministry of Defence is still withholding evidence.

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