book_cover_thumbThe McGurk’s Bar Bombing Book

Collusion, Cover-Up and a Campaign for Truth

By Ciarán MacAirt

Critically acclaimed exposé by Irish author Ciarán MacAirt whose grandmother, Kathleen Irvine, was one of 15 innocent civilians murdered in the McGurk’s Bar massacre.

Buy a copy signed by the author and proceeds go to the families’ not-for-profit commemoration group – price just £9.99 (excl. postage). Other retailers are linked below.


The McGurk's Bar Bombing
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The McGurk’s Bar Bombing

The McGurk’s Bar Bombing

Critically acclaimed exposé by Irish author Ciarán MacAirt whose grandmother, Kathleen Irvine, was one of 15 innocent civilians murdered in the McGurk's Bar bombing. More info →
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18 Responses to Book

  1. thomas patrick costello says:

    would like to wish you all the luck in the world in trying to gain Justice for all the victim’s of this Atrocity, if i can help in any way please let me know, i hope that all the Victim’s families will finally get the closure they deserve and the monsters who did this are finally brought to Justice, i will say a prayer for everyone affected by this extreme act of violence

    • Ciarán says:

      Many thanks for your kind thoughts, Mr Costello. I’ll be keen to hear what you think of the book if you have time to read it.

  2. Gerry Keenan says:

    Hi Ciaran, It’s a very good and enlightening book of this rotten corrupt Government and how they hide behind the scenes. Growing up in Scotland had it’s problems with the rotten Orange corrupt police but we never suffered anywhere near to the scale of illegal collusion between the crown and the loyalist murderers. I still hope and pray the murderers and there masters can be flushed out. It was a bit of coincidence with the name of Gerry Keenan cropping up in the book, I wouldn’t know if he is a distant relation as I have been unable to trace my Dads side of the family in Ireland, all I know is the Keenans arrived in Scotland circa 1850 and settled in Kilmarnock. My mothers side the McElwee’s came from Donegal.
    Good luck with your fight for Justice, just wish I could help in some way.

  3. Stephen Todd says:

    Congratulations on sticking with your campaign to reveal the truth and maintain the memory of those killed.I look forward to sharing the book with as many people across the World as possible.

    • Ciarán says:

      Many thanks, Stephen, and I’ll look forward to hearing what you think of the book. As always, your support and your own campaign work on Shared Troubles is much appreciated.
      Regards, Ciarán

  4. Rod says:

    Hello Ciaran, reading the book just now and must say its a real tour-de-force. The research is outstanding, and has opened my eyes to even more. Glad you made mention of the little-talked about (1 Para) Ballymurphy Massacre prior to Bloody Sunday. Some refreshing indisputable document detail, of Westminster and Stormont (also Dublin) government collusion, with certain ‘protected and armed’ sectarian elements brought into the open thanks to your and McGoldrick / Winters archive digging. Only just finished chapter 5 (An Old Pattern) and already know your book shows the uneasy truth of the Troubles in all its dirty, uncomfortable, murderous detail. I hope you can find out even more in the coming years.

    If you send me a reply email I can send you scanned copies of a couple of pages of Revolutionary In Ireland by Sean Macstiofain. This book is a.k.a. Memoirs Of A Revolutionary. Pp 220-222, also p.321, talk of McGurk’s and the Empire Loyalists, which he says after considerable Republican investigation are another British deception.

    • Ciarán says:

      I hope you have the same opinion of the work by its end – I’ll look forward to hearing what you think of it then too. I have sent you an email as a relevant scan of MacStiofain’s pages would be appreciated – I have not read it.
      Kind regards,

      • Rod says:

        Finished reading the book and would say the substance to McGurk’s Bar Bombing is of incredible importance. Its a brilliant document, very well researched and laid-out. It has taken the initiative, after the PSNI (RUC), and British government have tried to ignore when challenged or hidden from public view a substantial legacy of manipulated politicised inhumanity (collusion). The book cleverly puts (perhaps that should be ‘throws’) into the public domain a huge mountain of an evidential question to be answered. The implications to what has been found here are quite staggering, sectarian state death squads being proven repetitively to be involved in multiple civilian murder by knife, gun and bomb, proven repetitively by their own admissions of guilt, by eye-witness, by their own forensics and most overwhelmingly by their own archives, over a course of many many years. The state actively hides the collectively-linked truth. Fiddler’s House Bar, McGurk’s Bar, Kelly’s Bar, Ballymurphy Massacre, Westrock Massacre, Bloody Sunday, Dublin bombings, Monaghan bombings, Miami Showband killings.

        As a wise-man once said, ‘soldiers do not simply act on their own initiative, soldiers take and follow-through orders’. This goes further..

        When will the PSNI (RUC) finally accept the truth in all its ugly, profane transparency and answer the indisuptable papers from their own state files? Its time the familes were given the truth, its time for this episode of humanity to be put to rest for all. Without it the public will continue to hold no confidence in the political and police systems. Without it there can never be peace in NI. Most importantly, give the families their peace.

        Best wishes to the campaign, time will no doubt show, this book is an incredible document.

  5. Pádraic Mac Coitir says:

    As a young lad living in Lenadoon I remember the explosion well. As I got older I spoke to others about it and everyone agreed there was collusion in the muderous attack. I got the book a few days ago and although it must be difficult reading for the families and survivors it’s a book I can’t leave down. I’ll be telling as many as possible that it’s a must read. Even for us who are all too aware of collusion between the british state and unionist murder gangs there’s obvioulsy a lot of detail that will open people’s eyes. Hopefully the day will come when the british admit to their involvemnt in Mc Gurk’s and many other killings.

    • Ciarán says:

      Go raibh maith agat, a Phadraic. Don’t let your copy gather dust – make sure you pass it to friends and family, and get them to do the same 😉
      Is mise le meas,

  6. Patrick J Dorrian says:

    I am currently reading your book it is very well researched. Having lived through the 60s part I was wondering why you were rehearsing it, however, I then realised that not all readers would have had my experience and that the bombing had to be put in context so that other readers would understand the actions of Faulkner and co.
    I was at school with Pat Murphy and met Ciaran a few times so it was interesting reading that part of the book also. If you are speaking to Pat tell Paddy Dorrian sends his regards.

    • Ciarán says:

      Many thanks for taking the time to comment, Mr Dorrian.
      I thought it important to contextualize the bombing too with the addition of those chapters. There are some interesting archives that expand on what we have learned before but, of course, I had in mind those who may not know too much about the Orange statelet at that time. I have forwarded your message to Pat’s son (Ciarán’s nephew).
      Kind regards,

  7. ADIE says:

    Just finished reading the book – found it difficult to put down once I began reading. Very unsettling. I grew up in Coleraine and was very young when many of these atrocities took place. I do feel however it is important that parties involved in acts of terrorism tell the truth,no matter how difficult it may be – it will only be then that we all can move on. Continue with the campaign. I pray that someday the truth will finally be told and all of those who played a part in this heinous crime be made to answer.

  8. BOB says:

    Hi Ciarán, just to say this is a great read as well as being very sad, truthful poignant. I have read just about every book there is on the North’s Irish war and indeed ancient to modern Irish history. I have a library full of these books, some of which I re-read. I am very familiar with all of the areas mentioned in the book, I spend a great deal of my time in the New Lodge, having great friends there. I walk passed the McGurks bar memorial every day I am there and have often stopped to say a prayer for the people who where massacred there. The sad thing about it all, apart from the actual atrocity itself, is that the British government and NIO never admitted the truth and still won’t. Even sadder is the fact that the VAST great majority of the people of the UK know absolutely nothing of these murder’s nor the Ballymurphy 11, Majella O’ Hare etc and many like them. As long as the truth is suppressed things cannot begin to heal. Your book is brilliant, thanks!

    • Ciarán says:

      Bob, thank you very much for taking the time to read our book and pause for thought when you pass the memorial.
      Kind regards,


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