Delay and Obfuscation: Families Demand Quashing of HET Report

Families of those killed in the McGurk’s Bar atrocity on 4th December 1971 are disgusted that the Police Service of Northern Ireland continue to delay their campaign for truth and justice. They demand that the Chief Constable quashes a report by the failed Historical Enquiries Team.

15 innocent men, women and children were killed in the McGurk’s Bar Bombing. The oldest victim was 73 year-old Philip Garry. His grandson, Robert Mc Clenaghan, said on behalf of the families of the McGurk’s Bar Commemoration Committee:

“The Chief Constable’s lawyers buckled and accepted there was “Investigative Bias” in our case.

Nevertheless, George Hamilton ignored the mountain of archive evidence that we provided and the Historical Enquiries Team ignored.

Instead he asked the Court for yet more time.

This is totally unacceptable for families.

We demand the quashing of a HET Report written by a failed organisation to support the heinous actions of Chief Constable Hamilton’s predecessor, Matt Baggott.

For us the PSNI continue to cover up for the RUC failures of the past.

The PSNI are totally incapable of dealing with this and other legacy cases. Only a new independent, impartial , investigative Body will be acceptable to families.

All Political Parties must ensure we get one without any further delay.”

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