In Their Footsteps… Belfast Event

Journey with us as we walk… ‘In Their Footsteps’

Saturday 19th July at 2pm Kennedy Centre (map).

The mission: We intend to mobilise families and individuals throughout Ireland who wish to pursue truth and justice for their loved ones killed and/or injured as a result of the conflict, to unite for a peaceful Day of Action in the Kennedy Centre Belfast on Saturday, 19 July 2014 – In Their Footsteps.

As a strong, cohesive, and inclusive coalition of groups and individuals, we intend to bring pressure on the Irish and British governments to implement proposals for dealing with the past in line with the Haass proposals. We believe that all those who lost loved ones as a result of the conflict deserve to have their concerns taken seriously by the two Governments which were themselves parties to the conflict.

In Their Footsteps: Ned and Sarah KeenanAs part of the peaceful vigil from 2pm-4pm, we are asking families/individuals to each bring or contribute a pair of shoes to represent their absent loved one. These shoes will be placed in the centre of the Kennedy Shopping Centre for all to see.


Those who were injured are also invited to contribute a pair of shoes for display. Each pair should have a note inside, explaining who they represent, how they died or were injured, and any demands or hopes that the particular family may have. We believe this collection of shoes will prove a powerful visual tool symbolising lost and ruined lives. These can then be used subsequently in different events.

This Day of Action belongs to all of us, and follows on from other successful events in Dublin and Derry, and will provide a springboard for further events, both collectively and by individual campaigns or families.

While recognising that the families of victims have many different needs and demands, we recognise that all seek truth, justice and acknowledgment.

Consequently, our overarching theme will be ‘Set the Truth Free’.

We see this as the beginning of a series of such events and our strength lies in numbers – so please spread the word and make this an event to remember. All who feel they can benefit from this campaign are welcome. See Q&A for initial list of sponsors.

*This Day of Action is aimed at bereaved families and the injured and we are asking that NO political or campaign banners, or flags of any description, be carried during the two-hour public event.

For more information:

Contact organiser Robert Mc Clenaghan 07752500513 or Julieann Campbell (vice-chair, Bloody Sunday Trust) on 075 1320 8420 or email:

Q&A – July Day of Action

Why Belfast?

In Their FootstepsFollowing on from other successful Days of Action in Dublin and Derry during the month of June, Belfast now has the opportunity to host this unique event. While London still remains the primary and obvious choice for a further Day of Action, it proved too costly to consider this year. However, it remains a distinct possibility for a later date. So we are asking as many Belfast families who have had loved ones killed and/or injuredto join us in the Kennedy Centre from 2 – 4 pm on Saturday 19 July.

Who is organising this event?

So far, organisers include the Pat Finucane Centre, Bloody Sunday Trust, Justice for the Forgotten, (including, the Dublin, Monaghan, Dundalk, Castleblaney and Belturbet bombings) the Ballymurphy Massacre families, and families linked to McGurk’s Bar, the MRF cases, the Glenanne gang, plastic and rubber bullet deaths, the Mount Vernon gang, Kelly’s Bar and a large number of individual families. No one group ‘owns’ this event.

Why are no banners or flags allowed?

We want to provide the best platform whereby families, groups and individuals can actively engage with the public during the two-hour event in the Kennedy Centre.. Seeing particular banners could confuse onlookers and lead many to presume the entire Day of Action belongs to one particular group or campaign. Many families are not associated with a larger campaign. We will produce a specific Set the Truth Free banner, which can then be used for future events.

Why stay there two hours?

Saturday is the busiest shopping day, and our central presence, as well as the spectacle of so many shoes on display, will undoubtedly attract the public’s attention and stimulate discussion.

What do I need?

All we ask is that each family bring one pair of shoes (with accompanying note for inside). If you cannot attend, then please provide us with a pair of shoes and accompanying note and they will be included.

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