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Police Ombudsman Fiasco

The release and abortion of the Police Ombudsman’s report (8.7.10) into the Royal Ulster Constabulary’s (RUC) investigation of the McGurk’s Bar Massacre was an ill-conceived, unmitigated fiasco. The report and their media stage-management was Kafkaesque at its most benign. The Police Ombudsman railroaded our families, many of whom are aged, into this very public miscarriage. …

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Unmasking James Alastair McGregor CBE MC

Research into the McGurk’s Bar Massacre has uncovered the family history, military career and modern business life of a leader of the shadowy British special force unit, the Military Reaction Force (MRF). This covert operative is a man that the McGurk’s campaigners have long since demanded is questioned regarding British “black ops” at the time …

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Attempted Police Ombudsman Whitewash

The Ombudsman gave families who have been waiting two generations for the truth and over four years for this long overdue report, just one day to read it before it was released to the public. It was not enough that they were treated so disrespectfully when they were railroaded into this release, but then they …

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BBC On-board! McGurk’s Reports “Black Propaganda”

Britain’s Propaganda War During the Troubles (Mark Thomson, BBC, 22.3.10) The introduction of internment in Northern Ireland in August 1971 in response to growing violence from the IRA had backfired. The violence got even worse and British forces found themselves losing the battle for public opinion. Concerned that the IRA was using the policy to …

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Secret Documents Shed Light on Shadowy Force

Following from a lead story in the Irish News (Allison Morris, 3.3.10):   Army knew about two of the Disappeared 38 years ago The documents unearthed by Justice for the Forgotten and the Pat Finucane Centre and offered to the McGurk’s campaigners have proved invaluable to our research of the MRF (Irish News 3.3.10). Their …

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Colonel claimed Irish News was IRA mouthpiece

Allison Morris, Irish News, 29th October 2009   A briefing document written almost four decades ago by the British army’s then head of information, Colonel Maurice Tugwell, accused The Irish News of being an “organ for printing IRA propaganda”. The document – dated November 9 1971 – was uncovered by the campaigning families of the …

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McGurk’s Bar Lie Traced To RUC File

This R.U.C. police report to the Ministry of Home Affairs book-ends our finding and recent release of the British military’s Director of Operations Brief. It shows starkly how quickly military decisions to misinform and to collude are made, unless, of course, those decisions were pre-planned. With the Director of Operations Brief as its template, this …

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We Have Established Cover-Up – Now What About Collusion

Article by Laura Friel, An Phoblacht 6th August 2009   MORE evidence of cover-up regarding the bombing of McGurk’s Bar in Belfast in 1971 surfaced this month with the discovery of a British Army briefing document. The internal British Army memo was submitted on the day of the bombing, 4 December 1971, as part of …

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Full Disclosure Should Be Forthcoming for McGurk’s Bar Victims and Families

Press release by, 30th July 2009 Sinn Féin MLA for north Belfast Gerry Kelly has stated that a full disclosure from the British Government and acknowledgement that the British army were involved in a cover up in the McGurk’s Bar bombing should now be forthcoming. Speaking today Mr Kelly said: “The document surrounding what …

Full Disclosure Should Be Forthcoming for McGurk’s Bar Victims and Families Read More »

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The cover of the new book by Ciarán MacAirt called Trope


Support the work of the charity, Paper Trail.

The author Ciarán MacAirt is donating all of the profits of his book, Trope: Essays and Articles, to Paper Trail and its work with victims and survivors of the conflict, including the families of the McGurk's Bar Massacre.

Trope features some of his ground-breaking discoveries and represents a personal journey as he trudges across the killing fields of World War 1 to the back-streets of Belfast where death-squads roamed. In it, he asks whether General Sir Frank Kitson who helped cover up the McGurk's Bar Massacre was a British military hero or director of terrorism. Foreword by Father Sean McManus, international human rights activist, author, and President of the Irish National Caucus.