Baby Doherty – 40 Years On and Still No Truth

A poem written in memory of Baby Doherty and recited at the 40th anniversary of the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings


Baby Doherty

And it was never known if I was boy or girl
Never placed on the public record.

I wasn’t even a statistic.
I wasn’t counted in the cold numbers of the dead.

Until 2003 when I was granted personhood,
Voiced by the Coroner as the 27th victim of the Dublin Bombings.

Article 40 of the Constitution of this Republic
Admits me to history, commits me to your consideration.

I was closer to my mother Collette
Than the cloud on the mountain.

I was her Mayblossom
In the park.

I moved in her and through her
Into your history books.

Her last dream was my last dream.
She dreamt of Halloween,

Of orchards of fruit
Ripe and ready to fall.


Written by Paula Meehan

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