McGurk’s Bar and Media Disinformation – The Newsletter

On Monday 6th December, less than 48 hours after the McGurk’s Bar Massacre, the Newsletter published disinformation from the RUC. What is more sinister about this is that the present day investigations by the likes of the failed Historical Enquiries Team tried to say that there was no proof  that the Royal Ulster Constabulary had […]

Disinformation in The Times newspaper

Disinformation in The Times Newspaper

Disinformation in The Times newspaper, by John Chartres John Chartres was the “independent witness” to the infamous Widgery Report in the aftermath of Bloody Sunday which sought to exonerate 1 Para for their murders on 30th January 1972. Chartres testified that he witnessed nail bombs in the pockets of one of the teenage dead, Gerald Donaghey, although […]

McGurk's Bar Massacre

Foreword, by Colin Wallace

Foreword by Colin Wallace Colin Wallace (right), former Senior Information Officer at the heart of the British Army’s psychological operations unit in the early 1970s, has been helping me translate secret military archives which I discovered. When I wrote my book, he was the first and only person I wished would write its foreword. This […]