New Website – New Evidence to Come – 50th Anniversary

The families of McGurk Bar Massacre have launched this new website in time for the 50th anniversary of the atrocity.

The new website commemorates the fifteen civilians murdered in the no-warning Loyalist attack on McGurk’s Bar, those who survived, and their families who have waged a tireless Campaign for Truth over half a century.

In the aftermath of the massacre, the Royal Ulster Constabulary and British Army colluded to blame the bombing on an Irish Republican Army “own-goal”, in effect criminalizing the innocent victims and allowing the pro-state mass murderers to go free and kill again.

The new McGurk’s Bar Massacre website links visitors to critical evidence discovered by the families including secret documents proving that the British armed forces knew the bar had been attacked, and that Brigadier Frank Kitson colluded with the Royal Ulster Constabulary to blame the victims within hours of the explosion.

The website also showcases an innovative sound installation created by award-winning artist, Sinéad O’Neill-Nicholl, who is recording the lived experiences of the families in the aftermath of the massacre. You can listen to Never the Same at the site of the explosion in North Queen Street using the free app, Echoes Explorer, or visit Echoes.

The families are also publishing critical new evidence and articles on the website in the run-up to the 50th Anniversary Mass and Commemoration on the evening of Saturday 4th December.

Ciarán MacAirt is a grandson of two of the McGurk’s Bar victims. He said:

“Visitors to our new website can watch our films, download and read our books, and listen to the moving conversations of Never the Same in time for the 50th anniversary of the atrocity. Our website is an easily accessible portal to the momentous campaign and historical research that our families had to undertake over the past half-century because of the British cover-up.”

“It is horrific to consider that before we buried our loved ones on cold days in December 1971, the British state buried the truth.”

“Unfortunately, the new website is a timely reminder too that our Campaign for Truth is ongoing even after 50 years, as the British authorities – including the Office of Police Ombudsman, Police Service Northern Ireland, Ministry of Defence and Cabinet Office – are withholding evidence from our families to this very day.”

“We will prove this over the coming days.”

“Visitors to the new website can subscribe for free and leave their name and email, for we will be publishing new evidence, articles and videos before the commemoration on 4th December, and they will be notified by email immediately when we post them online.”

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