Fianna Fáil Justice and Equality Spokesperson, Jim O Callaghan TD, met members of the McGurk’s Bar families in Leinster House. 

After the meeting with the Justice and Equality Spokesperson yesterday (Monday 20th March 2017), Robert Mc Clenaghan said:

Today’s meeting was important for us to present our case for a fresh Inquest to Fianna Fáil front bench spokesperson on Justice and Equality, Jim O Callaghan TD. He guaranteed that he would write a letter outlining the new evidence uncovered and forward it to Irish Governments Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flannagan TD.  

The new evidence, unearthed by Margaret Urwin while researching her book, A State in Denial, clearly shows the British Government mislead the Irish Government and the European Court of Human Rights in January 1976.

Hopefully, Irish Government intervention at the highest level will allow for the truth about McGurk’s Bar to be finally told and the cover-up exposed.


Justice and Equality Spokesperson, Jim O'Callaghan (centre), meets with McGurk's Bar family members, Frank McLaughlin (left) and Robert McClenaghan (right)
Justice and Equality Spokesperson Jim OCallaghan centre meets with McGurks Bar family members Frank McLaughlin left and Robert McClenaghan right

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You can read more about Margaret Urwin’s important discovery here.

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