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Gerald Donaghey – Unfinished Business

Below is an excellent article by the Pat Finucane Centre and the continuing tragedy of Gerald Donaghey who was one of fourteen innocent victims killed on Bloody Sunday, 1972. The post also considers the malign testimony of Times journalist, John Chartres, who also had his bit part to play in the McGurk’s Bar disinformation. An […]

Disinformation in The Times newspaper

Disinformation in The Times Newspaper

Disinformation in The Times newspaper, by John Chartres John Chartres was the “independent witness” to the infamous Widgery Report in the aftermath of Bloody Sunday which sought to exonerate 1 Para for their murders on 30th January 1972. Chartres testified that he witnessed nail bombs in the pockets of one of the teenage dead, Gerald Donaghey, although […]