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The Gem Bar – Targeted by the British Army

The British Army raided and searched the Gem Bar, the original target of the McGurk’s Bar bombers, two nights before the massacre. Secret British Army archives record that its soldiers screened 20 customers of the Gem Bar and sent 6 to Girdwood Barracks for questioning. The Gem Bar was suspected by the British Army of […]

Behind the Mask and the McGurk’s Bar Massacre

As a life-long researcher of the McGurk’s Bar Massacre which claimed the life of my grandmother and 14 other civilians including two children, I am on an eternal hunt of archives and texts for information. This search brought me to Dr. Aaron Edwards’ new book, UVF: Behind the Mask, which turned out to be quite […]

The Ticking Clock Dilemma

McGurk’s Bar activist, Robert McClenaghan, writes a very personal blog on the reality of Britain’s inability to face up to its human rights abuses, and how this now becomes his own ticking clock dilemma. I was with other family members in west Belfast to hear about the current situation with the Stormont House Agreement and how […]

Níall Ó Murchú (left) and Ciarán MacAirt

McGurk’s Bar Families Take Legal Action To Access Blocked HET Report

Our statement in full: The Historical Enquiries Team (HET) has reviewed the RUC investigation into the McGurk’s Bar massacre of 4th December 1971. Its report was completed in December 2012 but its release has been blocked by the Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). Despite repeated requests and talks with the […]